About CES

Welcome to Christ Episcopal School (CES), Nacogdoches, and thank you for your interest in our great school! Through the admission process, we hope to get to know your family and to help you learn all you can about CES. Our school meets the needs of many, but not all children. Our goal is to help each prospective family in determining if CES is the “right fit” for both child and family. We hope you will be a part of CES special events such as the Pumpkin Patch, Science Night, and our school plays and concerts in December and May. A yearly calendar is available online. These CES events provide opportunity to understand the culture of CES.
If you are considering Christ Episcopal School, please read our Prospective Parent Letter.

Mission Statement

Christ Episcopal School is a diverse community of learners who participate in an enriched academic program in a nurturing Christian environment which fosters a dedication to service to others and a love of lifetime learning.

What We're About

(If you would like a pdf version of "What We're About", please click here.)

Christ Episcopal School:
  • Serves PK-3 through Grade 6.
  • Has provided an excellent education for children since 1948.
  • Has an enriched, developmentally appropriate curriculum.
  • Has an educational program that includes classes in fine arts, Christian Education, Spanish, technology, physical education/health, and safety.
  • Provides exceptional educational experiences in the context of Christian faith and values.
  • Has a well equipped computer lab to provide an enriched technology curriculum.
  • Offers traditional classroom presentations balanced with hands-on activities that reinforce concepts studied in the various subject areas.
  • Includes frequent field trip opportunities throughout the year.
  • Works to maintain a vertically integrated curriculum.
  • Has an on-site Internet connected library with a computerized checkout system for books.
  • Students historically and consistently achieve above average to well above average scores in all subject areas on the nationally normed Stanford Achievement Test.
  • Has an Extended Day Program that provides after school care for children of all grade levels.
  • Is fully accredited by The Southwestern Association of Episcopal Schools (SAES) and is officially recognized by the Texas Education Agency as a non-public accredited school with all the rights and responsibilities associated with such recognition.


CES is accredited by the Southwestern Association of Episcopal Schools (SAES) and is officially recognized by the Texas Education Agency as a non-public accredited school with all the rights and responsibilities associated with such recognition.